Weather Briefings


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Don't most flight instructors expect the student to obtain a weather briefing before each lesson is scheduled to start? I have picked up three students from who flew with different CFI's, and all three of them have tried to hop in the plane without even checking the weather! They would just look around and say "It looks nice and clear out this morning". Two of these guys were private students, and one was an instrument student.
I don't expect my students to do anything but show up. If I did, it would be expecting too much.

Actually, as the PIC, it is your responsibility to get a brieifing...however that does not excuse the student from getting their own. Part 61 instructing is like pulling teeth...
I don't expect my students to do anything but show up. If I did, it would be expecting too much.

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Yeah, jeez. Next thing you know you'll be expecting them to buy charts...and current ones at that. The nerve...
3 of the 4 instructors at the FBO where I got my PPL and IA would expect the student to get a briefing for solo or cross-country, but not for pattern work or airwork at the local practice areas (don't know about the fourth CFI).

The instructors were at the FBO all day so they had an ongoing awareness of the current conditions and the TAFs, etc. Usually the instructors would discuss the weather situation with the student before going, but not in a formal sense like "show me the weather briefing you got before we start" (again, for pattern/local only).
I've had one CFI that always made me get a "standard briefing" even for local flights (he was a part time CFI).

My current CFI is at the airport pretty much all day so he's already abreast of Notams and Current weather condition for the local area; I usually don't take the time to get a full weather briefing when I'm flying with him although I probably should. I just look at the TAF and metar. Solo flights or cross country flights are a different story. Honestly I doubt the briefer will give you much more weather info for local flights than what's on the METAR and TAF, the main thing you get out of the briefing are NOTAM's although the ATIS usually covers that too.....
I - as a (current) student working on my ME-I, always, always, always get at least the standard wx briefing before we go out to shoot approaches, do maneuvers, what not.

Not that my instructor "required" it. I just got into the habit of doing so.