We Need Your Support


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Ladies and Gentleman,
I am sure if you have been in this forum at all in the past month you are aware of what has happened to the former students of ATA (Airline Training Academy) located, formerly, in Orlando, FL (KORL).

I post this as a request for support. We have been working hard in trying to get some sort of resolution and compensation from ATA.
If you have any interest in what we are trying to do please visit www.redtrainer.org to find out any information. What we are undertaking is huge and like most things in this world is expensive. To that end we have set up a place for those who wish to make donations
<font color="red"> Please realize this post is not a request for money but a request of support!!</font>
If you have ANY type of information that you think can help us in our cause there are links from the www.redtrainer.org page to get that information to us!
We appreciate all of your concerns and help.
Keep us in your thoughts and we hope to see you on the flight lines soon!!