want to talk to college kids?


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I just help start the James Madison University Flight Club this past year. Now that all the technical stuff about getting recognized by the university is done, it's time to stop being the "soccer club that just sits in a room and talks about playing soccer." get it?? haha. As the new President for next year, i'm establishing weekend flying EVERY weekend, with bi-weekly meetings to talk business and hopefully have people like you to come in and talk to us about your job. so is anyone interested in doing something like that starting next fall....september-ish. please let me know...email me or reply back some-how.

If you have a plane you want to fly in from out of town a) if it's cool enough maybe we'll all come out and see it
or b) SHD is 15 minutes from campus and I'd be more than happy to pick you up from there. It's a really really nice E airport in the Shennendoah Valley.