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Hey does this instructor waiting list seem fishy to anyone else? At what point are they going to say enough? I know they say that they don't want to have a sudden shortage of instructors but by now you'd think they have enough people waiting around....I think they created that list in order to keep people interested in the CFI program and the academy in general...Who would pay those rates if they didn't think they'd have a shot at working there? Admitedly I'm in the program and it just doesn't seem right to me, it's like a joke, a song and dance. I'd say to those of you waiting to start a CFI class to beware, the current instructors aren't going ANYWHERE, why should they? I'm not trying to bash the place, I just want to describe what I see, and to me it seems like they're trying to keep business up by wait listing people.
Can you instruct at another school on the field (or at FPR) while you wait it out? Or does that void your position in line?

Is the line moving AT ALL?

Chunk <---gets violent when told to stand in line while those "on a visa" get 'cuts'
Yes you can instruct elsewhere if you arent' actively instructing at FSI. I've heard of several people doing that.

And yes, there have been a very few current IPs leaving.
I’m also a current student. I don’t see the CFI program (and the wait list) the same way. I never intended to teach here, but I am getting my CFI at FSI. I certainly do not see the higher cost at FSI having anything to do with getting a CFI job here later. I find the quality of the program explains the cost and I have zero complaints thus far (just about to start step 4). p.s. I am really glad I did not attend Pan Am

I agree that it would be a great to have an opportunity to teach at FSI. (Most CFIs here get all the multi time they could ever need prior to an airline job) If you want to teach here I can understand your frustration with the wait list (what is it 6 plus months now), but until enrollment increases and industry hiring kicks in there is not much FSI can do. Many of the current instructors only have a few students and these folks have 800hr contracts, so they are here for a while.

I guess we will all just have to hang in for a bit. Hopefully you can get in before the loan payments kick in! I’m still planning on finishing my education and moving in ASAP.
Does anyone know about how long the list currently is? It was somewhere around 50 five months ago when I got on and it is not moving at a very rapid pace. I did hear that ACA was coming to interview instructors, any truth to that rumor?
Talked to a student who works in marketing last night... There are approx. 30 CFI's backlogged with a total instructor corps of ~120. There are STAN classes being taught. A few CFI's have been picked up by Comair. He mentioned that ACA might set up a deal similar to ASA which would be in place before the ASA pipeline started moving again. ASA pipeline cranks up, his best guess, July or so. Also, a Piedmont deal might be in the works. EJA isn't going anywhere, but hasn't been forgotten. He seemed fairly credible, at least from my limited viewpoint from 9,000 miles away. I've always gotten good gouge from FSI marketing, unlike the hype and lies which is standard from Conair, Pheonix East, Pan Am, etc. etc.

Anyone care to comment on validity?

Hey Chunk

What's the word on this new piece of legislation that Bush just signed in; All people applying for student visas actually need to recieve them before they are allowed to attend school? Do you know when that will go into affect? If it is soon that would mean that there would be a real back log of visa students who would need to wait fo the system to catch up to them. Additionally, that would mean that by the time you reach the CFI program there would be significantly less students to instruct.

BTW, how is it that visa person could cut the CFI line?????
Not neccasarily true...

It won't reduce the number of students on visas....it'll just delay them individually. The process is not stopping. Hard to explain, but this is one of those obscure stat theories I had to learn.

One individual may be delayed 6 months, let's say. Well, there were guys who applied months ahead of him who will still be approved in the mean while, even though they as individuals were delayed as well. The volume of the flow will not decrease. There will be an initial slowdown, but it'll pick back up.

Those on visas are getting hired as CFI's before US citizens (from what I hear on this site). That is unfair.
30 backlogged CFI's? Is that really the number? Maybe they haven't interviewed in the last 3-5
I really don't know. When I was there they were interviewing on a monthly basis with averages of 15 CFI's interviewing and them offering 40-80% jobs.
I hope that is the number and not marketing hype but I would quess it is more like 80 or something.....anyone got any up to date inside info?
I would say the number is in the mid 30's-40's...Last month that number maintaned itself becuase a stan class went through...