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I am going to New York City next week and I would like to take a trip down the Hudson River Corridor. Can anyone reccomend a FBO in the area to rent a a plane and a CFI?
Republic airport(FRG) in Farmingdale, about 40 minutes east of the city has a few fbo's, and further out on Long Island in Macarthur(ISP), who also has a couple. Enjoy.
It might be easier to access the Hudson from the Jersey side, and plus you will not have to deal with the zoo at Farmingdale.
Caldwell CDW has a few FBO's that have decent prices.
zoo at Farmingdale

[/ QUOTE ]

Zoo?? What zoo? I always thought the zoo was in the Bronx
I guess it depends where you're starting. I've flown out of many Jersey airports...

N07 is uncontrolled and small. I've had good and bad experiences at both of the FBOs there (Lincoln Park Aviation and Wagner Airways). I did most of my training here, so I'm fond of it, but many people say 'stay clear of here.'

CDW has MacDan which is nice, but pricey. Caldwell Flight Academy is very freindly, but has older planes. Century Flight (?) is new to Caldwell, so I have no personal experience, but have only heard good things.

TEB is closest to the Hudson, but is really busy. I have not rented here, but have flown in and been a passenger. Be prepared to spend some time on the ground.

MMU provides a bit of a hike to the Hudson. Certified Flyers has nice planes and decent prices.

BLM is pretty busy as well (but uncontrolled). The people at Eagles View are really nice. Last time I visited they had the nicest planes and the steepest prices on the field. Garrett Aviation is cheaper and the planes reflect that.

If you're starting from NJ, I hope this helps. PM me if you need more info or opinions. Happy Flying!