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I'm flying up to GKY from IWS on Sat 12/27 (weather permitting) for a visit. Any tips? Things to see? People to talk to? I'm interested in the ACPP.
Send a message to adrockaviator here on JC, he's an ACP instructor in Dallas and a good friend of mine.
Hey there,

Thanks for asking! I'm currently instructing in Phoenix... still trying to get back to Dallas, but waiting patiently for some instructor movement before I can get back there. I'm hoping to be back home before my daughter's birthday in February!

On the plus side... Phoenix is slammed! I've been flying out here since Saturday and I have close to 40 hours by the end of the week.

Hey Capitan Bob

Could you get me more info about PHX?

I hope to be there in Aug-Oct not before I do my PPL in JAX May-June (going to take part of my PPL & July to crank out some writtens) . Not worried about the heat. Did multi day Death Valley hiking in Aug @ 121 degrees....
I did a lot of flying at West what made you decide on ATP?

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Going for a visit doesn't mean I've decided!

I'm a late starter (29 years old) so I'm interested in fast tracking where possible.

BTW, I haven't made it for the visit yet. I've rescheduled twice because of weather. I may just end up flying into DFW commercially.
I am also a late starter....36yrs. I have a visit in Dallas scheduled for this Sunday (11th) @ 10am. Going to take a closer look at the operations.
Would you knock it off about your "old age"? . . . I'm 42 and know of another PP who is now in the ACP program who is 41, so shut your pie hole about the age for cryin' out loud!

(I hope you know I'm just razzin' you kids)
I am also a late starter....36yrs. I have a visit in Dallas scheduled for this Sunday (11th) @ 10am. Going to take a closer look at the operations.

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Let us know how it went. I was planning to fly up to GKY from IWS over the holidays but the weather sucked. Of course, on Jan 10, the one day I had other obligations, the weather was awesome! I did take advantage of the great wx and flew to AUS to build XC time, but I didn't have time to make it up to GKY.
Well the office was a little hard to find with the direction from JAX. The offices are located on the 1st floor of the Jet Center. Eric gave me the tour...not much of a tour really...I would say it is like the program "self service". No sales pitch here. I would recommend taking some time to write down a list of questions prior to a your own tour. I checked out the Seminoles ( two new 01's there) good looking aircraft new condition. No Cessna 172's (at least during my visit, think they are kept in FL) ...I checked the aircraft logs..they do take very good care of thier fleet. I must say the offices were not very impressive...thought most of your studies will take place back at the Apts. The Apartments are about 4 miles east of the airport. The Apts are very nice and modern looking located in nice residental area...lots of stores and shopping in the area. The FAA designated flight examiner actually shares office space at ATP. Using the same examiner tells me they know what he or she is looking for in a checkride. Eric tells me they have 3 career pilot students currently and several ad hoc multi-engine students. Recommendations from Eric were to get the writtens out of the way free you up to learn the flying.


Aircraft: New Good condition (Piper Seminoles)

Offices: Consists of 2 sims. Video library, not much of an office, staffed only by instructors (4), no office personel.

Apartments: Very nice, modern in good area.

Attitude: Very helpful, no presure, answered all my questions.
Cactus Cutter,

Apologies for not responding sooner... I've been pretty busy here in Phoenix...

I don't know exactly what information you are looking for... in fact I've only been instructing at this location for the past two weeks. Although, it seems like a lot longer since I've pretty much been working non-stop, since I've been here.

The location is at Williams-Gateway, and is an awesome place to train. They have three parallel runways and at any given time in the pattern you could expect traffic on runways 12L and 12R, as well as opposing traffic coming right at you shooting the ILS on 30C... In addition don't forget to lookout for the helicopters using the Taxiways as runways, and when you are on approach expect everything from Cessnas, Twins, C-130's, MD80's, etc... In the pattern expect to appear to be number one for the runway but all of a sudden a T-38 comes roaring in over top of you and zooms in front of you to land ahead. There are a couple of MD-80's that the Federal Marshals use (Con-Air) and a fleet of A-4's that are used to train foriegn military fighter pilots. Expect to see some funky air-show maneuvers over the runways and formation take-offs from Fighter Combat's Extra 300's as well! Even Air Force Two is due here tomorrow. UND has a campus here as well as ASU, so there is lot's of training going on here. This is the most diverse location I've ever been to.

Top it all off with the most beautiful sunsets over the Mountains... I've totally enjoyed being here.

The office is very similair to the Dallas office in that it is simply an office with a testing center and a couple of classrooms, and a Sim. 4 instructors total and 4 newer model Seminoles on hand as well as a Cessna. Everyone I've met out here has been very nice and personable and has made for an enjoyable experience overall.

The Apartments are nice as well... I just found the Hot-tub last night... I needed it! The Apt's are only about 5 minutes from the Airport, so not a bad drive.

All that being said... I just found out that I am finally getting transfered to Dallas! Woohoo! For those of you who don't know... my wife, daughter, and my house are all there... just minutes from the Dallas Location office. I made a sacrifice to be away from my family to teach at a great location with a great bunch of people... but I can't wait to get home and see my family, kiss my wife, hug my daughter, and sleep in my own bed again!

Dallas isn't as busy as Phoenix right now... so I won't be raking in the hours that I am now... but... I'll be home.

If you have any other specific questions... let me know!


That's awesome that you finally get to go home. Who knows, I might even be your first ACPP student, my start date at Dallas is Feb. 16th. I've been cramming for the Instrument writtens for the past couple of days so hopefully I'll be ready when I get there. Good luck with the move and I'm looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks. See you then.

I'm finally going to get to do my visit this Saturday. I'm flying commercially this time, so weather should not be a factor. It should be fun - I'm looking forward to it!
I'm a late starter (29 years old) so I'm interested in fast tracking where possible.

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Not a big deal. I started the ACPP in Stuart on my 31st birthday, and now instruct for ATP in Richmond.
i feel like a baby.... i dont even turn twenty-one until august 13th. i am going to the stuart location on may 31st