vision testing.


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Is there any color vision test I can pass to get an unrestricted license if I’m red green deficient? I cannot pass the dot test. I think in the military I passed one with the lights but that was 10 years ago. Which test should I ask my doctor for? Thanks.
Either the Farnsworth Lantern or the Optec-900. Both are hard to find. I had a pilot come from Germany last week for a Farnsworth lantern because he holds a US certificate and did not want the restriction.
I just talked to a doctor who stated i could get my physical from him and do my vision testing somewhere else and bring him the results and he would sign off. Is that true? i thought once you started the test you had to finish it before leaving? Also where could i find one of thoes test in the indiana area if anyone knows? If i cant find one of thoes test how would i go about getting waiver by demonstrating my ability with someone from the FAA Or is that possiable as ive been told it was. Thanks for your help!