Vertex Pro V VXA-220 Handheld Radio


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I am another one of those instructors that bought a handheld and never got a chance to use it much. 2 months after I got it I was hired at a regional and it has sat unused ever since.

It is in perfect, new condition, with not a scratch on it. The screen still has it's plastic protective cover on it. I had it in my bag as a backup incase we lost comms in IMC while instructing.

It would be great for soloing students, listing to twr, atc, or to learn your traffic calls. And of course a good backup radio for those of you that fly IFR in a small plane.

It is very small, compact, waterproof, loud and rugged. Comes with the original charger, box, headset adapter, etc.

I thought I would offer it in JC before putting it on Ebay for $180. Asking $170 shipped.


Here are some details about it: