Ventilation question


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I was on a flight this weekend and I noticed what looked like steam coming out of the ventilation system underneath the overhead compartment. It was coming out of about 6-8 rows. As the pilot increased throttle while taxing I noticed more was coming out and it even began coming out above the overhead compartments. As we came to a stop and idled I only noticed a little out from underneath the overhead compartment but as we began to take off before rotation I noticed a lot coming out from below and above. As we began rotation and got airborne I never saw anymore for the rest of the flight.

I only fly like once or twice a year so maybe this a normal thing and I just dont pay attention to it.


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same reason your car A/C has the same effect.

Cold air out of the A/C (more so when the juice is added), warm moist cabin air. Mixes, and condenses...


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We are slowly realizing that studying the mass effect of chemtrail dispersal over populated areas leaves it hard to isolate the effects due to poor controls. Things like environmental issues, living conditions, stress and the person's unique metabolism make it hard to tell what effects are related and unrelated to the chemtrails. In an effort to better understand the possible effects both short term and long term we are now using aircraft ventilation systems and controlled dispersal. The new system watermarks each particular mix of chemtrails with protiens and enzymes that make it identifiable later, to track the performance of the mixtures. Additionally a partership with the TSA allows us to get background and medical information on you so we can understand the unique controls of each experiment (you). This is going to open new and exciting developments for the chemtrail industry, it is a proud day for everyone involved.


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ha this exact thing came up on my flight this morning.

At first I said it was sleeping gas but nobody seemed to believe me :)