Vegas Location


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I am attending the Las Vegas location in March for the CFI total training program. Does anyone have any input they would like to share?
I would like to hear from anyone who has been through this program at this location. Thanks
I'm going out there on March 1st. Try Texas Station and Fiesta (they both have websites). They seem to be within walking distance.Look around on the web and use yahoo maps to find a good location. If your not renting a car (which i'm not) it's gonna be tough because you either have to walk or take the bus. The problem is that one of the weekends is the damn NASCAR race so the prices go up by 4X that weekend. The next weekend there is something else going on, I don't know what but Texas Station and Fiesta have NO rooms. Basically, i'm going to be staying in two different hotels because of this. FIesta for the first week and a half and then a Best Western for the last five days. It's gonna be a pain in the ass.Oh here is the address for the public transportation in LV.
Joe, thanks for the info, I am schedualed for March 1st too. I am already booked at the Extended Stay ( 8 miles away from airport) and the price was very reasonable (511.50 total). I am driving in from S. Cal, so I will have my car with me. If your hotel is on the way ( or not to far out of the way ) I'll be gad to give you a lift so you do not have to use the bus. You may want to contact Extended Stay and see if they have any rooms left, i already researched the Texas Inn and they were more expensive. Also, Extended Stay has a kitchen in every room which should help cut costs as far as eating is concerned. See you in March! Robert
Sorry I didn't see this thread earllier. The instructors there are Frank and Shawn. Frank will do your initial and final signoff flights for the MEI, and Shawn will do the CFII and CFI-SE training. Shawn is a friend and former roommate from our time in Jax, and an excellent instructor. He will teach you the finer points of whatever you are doing.
Eating costs are not a problem in Vegas. You can get the graveyard special at the Orleans hotel....Steak, eggs, hash browns 4 pieces of toast for $1.95. At Ellis Island Casino the have a Steak dinner for $4.00 dollars. The Texas hotel which is basically across the street from the airport has a GREAT buffet.
I am looking into going to ATP in Vegas for my CFI in april. Will you goys let me know what you think. Are you Instrument proficient. They say you need to be, but a friend of mine that hasn't flown in 1 1/2 years just whent and said he had no prblems.