For Sale VedaloHD Sunglasses - Azzuro $75


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I have a pair of almost brand new ColorEyes VedaloHD sunglasses that I'd like to sell. It's the Azzuro model with the smoke lenses. It's a light-weight titatanium hingeless frame. There's nothing wrong with them, no scratches on the lenses or anything. Comes with a hard case and a soft mircofiber case. The reason I'm selling them is they didn't fit my face well and bought a different model. I can take pics for anyone who's interested, just didn't feel like fishing my camera out. They have a great photochromatic lense. Here's the website about the company that makes them.

I'll even throw in free domestic ground shipping.


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I love the people who think that it's giving them Hi-Def vision, when all it's doing is increasing the colour saturation and contrast. Yes, that helps you see more clearly, because colours are more obvious, but Hi-Def depends on your eyes. Hi-Def glasses are glasses that correct your eyes' natural defects so you can see lines more clearly, not colours.

I haven't seen anything where VedaloHD has claimed that HD means Hi-Def, but I've seen some imitator on an infomercial touting it. It's sad so catchwords can dupe the general public. Everything is either 'i'-something or HD something now.

Time to close my iBook, go into my iRoom, throw my iPod into my iHome and iRock-the-hell-out...

...while watching my HDTV.


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Well, whatever the HD means, they're dang good sunglasses, I see better on a full sunny day, and they're rather dashing on me, so I'm happy. :D

Thanks again, da10pilot! Still thinking it's weird that you post here, find a buyer here, and it's someone that's at your airport and has fueled YOUR plane several times. Small world. :hiya: