Vancouver/Alaskan Cruise


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Downtown Vancouver

Molson Brewery

How do you say.....explosive diarrhea?

Guiness Bridge


Our clos, ahem, room...

The Radiance of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

We were docked right in the approach to a seaport

Ketchikan, AK


The flat valley in the middle of the picture is PAJN

That's our ship anchored out in the middle

Skagway, AK (the inspiration for Northern Exposure)

The Red Onion Saloon on the left is an old brothel. They actually give tours of the upstairs, which is still pretty intact and full of the original furnishings. It's a different experience......

Haines, AK. This is a Native settlement, and I am thoroughly conviced that this little blue dot is an be the judge.

Headed towards the Hubbard Glacier


Cool little airport we saw on a train from Seward to Anchorage

Tried to get a pic of Denali a.k.a. Mt. McKinley


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Thanks for sharing, looks like a great time.

Alaska really looks amazing. All the pictures that are posted make me want to live and fly there. It would be fantastic to wake up every day to mountains climbing into the clouds, smell the fresh air and not have a single thought about driving down a congested road to work.


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Alaska cruises are so fun, Kristie and I went twice! :)

Now if I can find a nice Arkansas cruise, that'd be swell!


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thats a hell of a trip ! i gotta do it someday , too bad we're stuck with two kids now lol
thanks for sharing brewmaster :) i enjoyed the pix


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Great pics. We are going to hit the Caribbean first, maybe an Alaskan cruise some other time. I can see the mountains and snow from my deck any time I want. ;)


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Did this on my honeymoon this August. Thoroughly amazing, though we had our seaplane trip to Taku Glacier Lodge canceled due rain and low clouds.

Canada is really really expensive.


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Awesome pictures:bandit:

Glad you had a good time. Being from Haines, I hope you enjoyed it. I probably saw your boat out there, as my job last summer was to move tourists between Haines and Skagway.:bandit:


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That was the Inside Passage. We went from Vancouver, BC in the evening and cruised the whole next day. After that we were pretty much docked or docking every morning at a new city, and eventually arrived in Seward 5 days later. Probably the weirdest feeling was sitting on the front of the boat at 2300 and you could still see faint sunlight. Sorry, but some of the coolest pics are stuck in my mind. Me and my old man were the only two on the front of the ship some evenings(I couldn't believe nobody else wanted to be out there, but I wasn't complaining) and we saw some of the most unbelievable views I've ever seen. In Ketchikan we chartered a boat and went Salmon fishing. They do everything for you, they even clean the fish and ship them to your home to arrive the day you get home. Probably the freshest Salmon I've ever tasted!

I would go back on this trip in a second, it was absolutely amazing. The ONLY down side was that the cruise ship was constantly trying to sell you jewelry. It was so rediculous that I remember one block had 3 jewelry stores(all owned by the cruise line) all next to eachother. But that was minor because all the sightseeing you could do. I feel comfortable recommending this cruise for anyone, couples or families, you won't be disappointed.

BTW, does anyone know what that little airport is that we saw on the train?