validity of their hiring-of-graduates claim


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Are there any recent Comair Academy grads that can give me a heads up about the validity of their hiring-of-graduates claim, the value of the training/bridge program, and any lessons learned or "I should've done..."'s?


Well, (out of broward) We currently have 2 of our instructors in class and 1 already finished class and currently doing the sim training. Another got hired last week, and starts class in 2 weeks.
I have only been here a couple of months, so the people going to the airlines arent the people i know, but i will say this that its not uncommon overhear an instructor talking about getting a call or letter from an airline or talking about a class date in cincinatti. So things look good, and to be honest it looks like its only getting better!
I believe last week 7 of 9 were hired by the Comair airlines. The other two will probably get opportunities at other airlines.