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Trying to get a rough estimate for my part of training as I have the GI Bill. Was wondering if the VA students could tell me there projected/actual cost for training to them after the VA kicks in. I got all the price quotes and had to adjust the figures for what the VA will and will not cover. I figured, to CIME and CFI would run me about $24550 my cost. And if I was to do CFII and MEI on my own that would run another $6600 my cost based on me doing it myself. I realize there are many variables but am trying to figure a rough estimate. I need to guage my loan accordingly and figure in the reimbursment lag time.

Getting your VA benefits works very smoothly here.

In your case, if you want an accurate estimate of what will be paid for, what won't, and when, I would suggest getting your application in ASAP. After you do this, you will receive an enrollment agreement form that spells out in detail what your expected charges will be. This is your starting point.

When you receive the enrollment form, you would then contact our VA counselor. She can go over the details of timing, and how much you can expect for reimbursement and when.

Generally, however, all of your eligible expenses for that month are tallied up at the end of the month and sent in for reimbursement.

As far as how much of a loan to get, assuming you are going the KEY loan route (this is pretty much what everybody does), I would suggest waiting to get back your enrollment agreement and then applying. You will have a much better idea of your expenses then. Once you are approved (takes 2 mins. online) and the school has certified it, adjusting how much you ACTUALLY take out and when the disbursements are can be easily worked out with our financial aid counselor.

I wouldn't stress too much about the financial aspects of coming here. Assuming you have already decided to come here and to use some financing to do it, I think you will find that part to be very smooth. The VA and FINANCIAL AID ladies are both very nice and more than willing to help get your questions answered and any issues worked out.

I know my suggestions are not as specific as what you may have been looking for, but I hope it helps anyway.

FYI - you can always call FSA and ask to talk to VA or FINANCIAL AID to get more specific answers for your situation.

Good Luck!

I'm still AD USAF at McGuire, and from the looks stop-loss will keep me in past my DOS this fall
and delay my flight training. I'm strongly leaning toward FSI as I've been trained by them for my military job, and they do a great job from what I've seen outside of the academy.

Just as glenko wants more info on VA bennies, so do I. My education office staff cringes when I mention flight training, but it seems as if quite a few are down at Vero right now using it (waiting for Chunk to chime in). Any light you guys could shed on the topic is greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to know how many of you FSI guys are ex-military, and what your jobs were. Feel free to post.
I've said a lot of positive things about FSI, however, I could never overstate the talent and dedication of the VA counselor here at FlightSafety. She not only will get you every penny possible from Uncle Sam she'll introduce you to every other VA student (networking), feed you candy (for when you've eaten nothing but Ramen because you just HAD to buy that handheld GPS), make you laugh , listen to you vent, take a personal interest in your training, and smooth over the VA.

I'm done CIME and I received 16K or so back from the VA. I'll get more for CFI, II , and MEI...oh and SE add-on.

If you give her a ring, she'll get the ball rolling and set you up. I received my first payment 3 *weeks* after submitting the claim. Normally, the VA tells ya to expect 3 *months*.


PS--Here's an interesting note: Once hired, you pay a discounted rate for your II and MEI up front then get reimbursed once through stan. In the interim, you an claim it with VA so you actually *make* $$ getting those ratings!

If you guys have any specific questions, drop me a PM.
To echo Chunk's remarks, the VA rep is a godsend. She really knows her stuff. You really have nothing to do but fill out the application and give her a copy of your DD-214, then simply visit once a month to sign your statement. She calculates everything up for you and files all the paper work, its very smooooooth. An easy example is;

say you spend $4000.00 for the month of January, the VA will give you 60% of that back which is $2400.00 If your under the regular GI bill, (didn't put the extra $600 in), then $2400 divided by $800 a month gives you 3 months of used benefits. So if you had the full 36 month worth when you get here, you take 3 months off the 36 months and your down to 33 months left. And so goes the next month. For those who don't know you can only start getting VA money after completing your PPL, and not everything your charged for at school is reimbursable such as GAT training, Spin Training and a few other odds and ends that I'm not quite sure of, but rest assured she is and will get you every penny she can.

If you need any more info PM me as well!