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Looking for any leads on jobs in the mid-atlantic region. I have a part-time desk job that pays the bills in Virginia, and I CFI on the side. The student load at the CFI job has dropped to virtually zero, so I am looking for something to replace it. Part-time is ideal, but full time could work as well. Mainly, I am just looking for a company that treats their employees well, and has enough work to keep me in the air. Open to anything (CFI, cargo, charter) except the regional airline option. My schedule is very flexible and can accommodate the needs of virtually any position. The numbers.....a little under 1000TT, 94 ME, 580 dual given, and a CFI/II/MEI.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Plenty of flight schools around. Walk in too them and ask with a resume in hand, can't hurt. I instructed out of Winchester for a while, but now I'm that option you don't want


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I'd stay away from Frederick Flight Center, the owner is a scumbag and the chief flight instructor a puppet. Av-Ed out of OKV would be a good deal, not enough work for full time, but their chief pilot is a good dude.


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If you're willing to go all the way to Annapolis, you might check:

It says on the webpage they are looking for CFIs & IIs.

They have one of the contracts for initial training for the Academy guys and should be getting busy soon. The instructors there got a lot of hours but not many checkride sign offs because it wasn't a requirement for the Navy.


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Jhugz u from va, and are you talking about my old boss out of okv who is now at expressjet. Never has a mouth with out a half can of cope in it


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Not to hijack the thread, but I'd like to know anything anyone can tell me about Freeway Airport (KW00) and the FBOs/flight schools down there. Good/bad doesn't matter. Just looking for information.


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Freeway is awesome. Interesting airport and a great group of guys. Haven't been up there since 09 or so though..