VA benefits


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Hey Chunck!

Could you please share the following info with us? It would be excellent info for those of us considering FSA.

Total $$$ Private audit thru CIME.

Time line from Private audit thru CIME.

Total repayment from GI BILL/VA Benefits.

Time to process/receipt of repayment.

I came in with my Pvt done...started with step 2.

Started Pvt audit June, but didn't fly until early July (then policy was no fly until after 1st week of Comm you can fly from the get-go)finished CIME by December. There were folks that went a lot faster than I did (I took my time in Step was summer and the T-storms limited the flying to early morning).

I'll get back to you on total was below budget, though. Reimbursement was suprisingly swift....first payment about 3-5 weeks after initial paperwork, after that, it was three weeks or so using direct deposit. Total reimbursement through SE add was in the neighborhood of 17K. I'll do some adding and get you guys exact numbers.

I've said it will find NO FINER VA rep than Mary W. She not only is a subject-matter expert on VA stuff, but will introduce you to every other VA student and help you network. Plus....she gives candy and let's face it; that's what life is all candy. Right?

I spoke with her on the phone a few weeks back and she was VERY nice and helpful. I had to get a bucket to catch all the help that was spilling out of the phone. Nice lady.
It's like wrestling with a pig....after a while, you start to suspect that the pig likes the mud.
Total reimbursement from the VA thru the end of Single-Engine Add (Comm) was $17,000. Chapter 30.