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Anyone here a current student or alumni of Utah Valley State College?

I'm registering for UVSC BS in Aviation this summer (online program). I'm transferring in with an AS in Aviation science, so I'm starting as a junior.

Just wondering if anyone else is in the program and what you think of it?
I'm graduating with the BS aviation next month. I really liked the program. The classes have a lot to do with the flight environment. Through the school, I have an interview for an internship with Skywest. That's a huge plus. Good luck in the program
Thanks... good to hear you liked the program!

I'm ready to start classes, but I have to wait till Summer to start, and at 2 classes a semester I'll finish in 2 1/2 years. Once I get used to the classes and how long they take a night, I might bump it up to 3 a semester. But I need to leave time for work (Navy), instructing, and oh yeah... Family!

Good luck on that interview. What position did you interview for?
It's an internship in the flight operations department. I've been taking 4 classes each semester on average working full time in the Air Force, and having the family and CFI job. This semester, I'm taking 7. I get to graduate a semester earlier though.
sounds like I need to bump up my course load a bit then... that way I can get done well before I get out of the navy and start the job hunt!

Thanks for the insight!
I just got hired at Coastal Aviation at East Cooper Airport (8S5) in Mt. Pleasant, SC and purely by luck I found out that this fall they will most likely be a UVSC flight school...

...which is awsome, since I still need my CFII, Multi and MEI for my degree. They don't have a multi right now, but there is a plan to have one by fall... Then I can have student loans pay for my last ratings, just like my first ratings.

Otherwise, I'm going to go to ATP for the ratings and challenge the credits for those classes.

PS I love talking to myself
Corbin is doing the same degree, he takes all of his classes online so he doesn't have to go to the college for anything really.
How many classes is he taking each semester and how long is he on the computer nightly studying...?

We're trying to figure out if we need another computer, since my wife and I are both doing online degrees
Well I don't know how many "classes" he has right now, but I do know he is taking 18 credits this semester. I'd advice a second computer. Well, unless your wife isn't a net junkie like me, then maybe you can share.
I think you could finish your classes pretty fast if you are dilegent. Corbin didn't do much school work the first two months of this semester cause he was so busy, so now he is working on school probably 3-5 hours a day to catch up. Each class is very different too, one class he sat down and went start to finish in about 7 hours, other classes are a lot longer. But we both really like it this way a lot better then him going to the campus, not only do we get more flexibilty, but we save on gas and traffic.
Some are done online, some require you find a proctor to administer the test (a testing center, employer, etc.), and a lot of the aviation classes require you take a FAA test for the final and fax them a copy of the results.

I'm not sure which class it is without looking, but one of them requires you to take your FAA Dispatchers test...

Not a bad deal and something more to put on your resume along with all your pilot certificates.

But, most classes have tests online and certain reports and what not that you have to do and email to you professor...
that was the ATP ground/ dispatcher class. That was a cool class, I got the ATP written out of the way, although it will expire before I have enough hours to take the checkride.

Are all the test done online?

[/ QUOTE ]

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, every class he has ever taken, the tests have been online, EXCEPT for the ground school ones that require the FAA test or checkride or whatever. I think almost ALL of the general classes can be done online, including testing. Except something like pottery or weight lifting
For the art requirement, they offer Intro to theatre. You have to attend 5 plays and read 3, write reports, etc. The physical ed requirement is just a bookwork class. I didn't take that one, I got the credits from basic training. For the speech requirement, they have intro to mass communications instead of speech. I wondered how some general ed classes could be done online, but it can be done.
Ok I think you are misunderstanding me, I am not saying you can't get *A* degree by doing it all online, I am saying there are some classes that are not online. Sure, you can CHOOSE to do the ones that are all online, but if you CHOOSE to do something like pottery, target shooting, auto mechanics, you can't do it all online. And there are some degrees in other fields that are not available online.