Utility or Normal?


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Hey guys,

My boss was trying to figure out (find) where it says that when a Tomahawk has both inboard and outboard stall strips the plane is certified under utility...or something to that effect.

First of all, is he right? And second where does it say that in the POH? If it's not in the POH, where can we find that?

Thanks for the help, and please don't post just to say:

"Don't fly the TRAUMAhawk...blah-blah-blah...."

If I'm not mistaken, you should look in the weight and balance section of the POH. For the 172 anyway, under certain weights and COG positions the aircraft is considered to be in the utility category and with others it is considered to be in the normal category. There should be something similair for your aircraft, if not I would browse the 1st chapter or the "overview/specifcations" chapter of the POH.
I imagine that info is contained in the "type certificate" of the aircraft, which is normally found with the maintaince logbook.
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I'm not sure why both inboard and outboard would change the category like that. It changes the stall speed, but I don't see how having both would affect the aircraft's ability to withstand higher load factors, which is what distinguishes utility from normal. At any rate, if it's in the POH I would imagine it's in the weight and balance, as suggested. Is there possibly an AD out for this?