USMC KC-130J/F-35B midair near KNJK


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They also wrecked the B-25 'Old Glory' - ran it out of gas during the ferry flight in California...... unbelievable.


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I was up at Reno once and after a hard week I was offered a ride home in a B-25. I thought it was a nice gesture but I declined the invitation because I was tired and a 737 seemed like a better option. My opinion might've been tainted by the A-26 adventure I'd already endured getting to the races.


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Did you hear about the Bearcat that taxied into a fire extinguisher in Hawaii recently after being ferried over by our navy from Southern California?
It was worse than just that. The F8F hit the fire bottle so hard that it took the prop right off the plane... and flung it into a T6 parked on the ramp.