USAF HH-60G Pave Hawk crash in UK

Waiting to hear more, plenty of speculation at the minute. Looks like Mildenhall maybe, I thought they had HH-60s.
Found out this evening that a fellow classmate from Riddle was one of the pilots.
I wasn't friends with him but being a small school you know most of your classmates.

There's a fund set up for the family. PM me and I'll get you the link. Once the USAF releases the names, I'll post it here.
Won't be the last person you know to buy it in an aircraft accident, sadly. An unfortunate reality of the profession.

Terrible event. Really sorry to lose these good men. Thinking of their friends, families and fellow soldiers.
And a Navy Helo has gone down as well. Found 4, 1 missing:

4 rescued from Navy helicopter off Virginia coast
By CNN Staff
updated 12:43 PM EST, Wed January 8, 2014
  • A search-and-rescue operation is under way
  • The downed craft is a MH-53E
  • Its mission is to transport heavy equipment and supplies for amphibious assault
  • The helicopter carries a crew of four

(CNN) -- Four people were rescued after a U.S. Navy helicopter went down off the Virginia coast, the Navy said Wednesday.
The remaining crew member was being sought, it said in a tweet.
The helicopter is an MH-53E, the Navy said on Twitter. It initially misidentified the craft as a CH-53E.
The Navy tweeted that the craft went down off the coast of Norfolk.
The MH-53E Sea Dragon carries no weapons. It has two pilots and a crew of one to six airmen, depending on its mission, according to the Navy.
There are 31 of the aircraft in operation, it said.
So if I'm reading correctly they both went down off the coast of "Norfolk" 3000 miles apart. Weird coincidence.