USA Jet, any info???


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Anyone know anything about this company? The want $38.00 to accept your application. Here is some text swiped from

<font color="red"> USA Jet Airlines operates a fleet of Falcon DA-20’s and DC-9’s. We have passed 4 FAA inspections in a row with no findings. We are ISO 9002 qualified and awarded Q1 by Ford Motor Company. USA Jet is the only carrier besides Federal Express to be awarded Q1. We are currently interviewing to build a pool for the DA-20 F/O position. We do not currently have class dates projected at this time. Interviews will be held in Detroit, and the candidate will be responsible for their own travel expenses. However, hotel and local transportation will be provided during the interview. Some of the basic requirements for employment at USA Jet include living in the Detroit area, signing an 18K training contract, wearing a pager while on duty and being at the airport ready to fly anywhere on a 20-minute notice. We are currently hiring for the position of DA-20 F/O. DA-20 F/Os are responsible for operating a fleet of 12 DC-9s and 13 DA-20s. We have an extensive training program including high quality Part 121 training, 8 weeks of ground school and sim for DA-20 Falcon pilots. Prior to being released for line operations, 25 hours of I.O.E. will be required. We offer a complete benefits package that includes, Medical, Dental, Life Insurance, 401K, and paid vacation. There is also potential to upgrade to DA-20 Falcon Captain in 1-2 years, if qualified. Applicants who do not meet our minimum requirements will not be considered. Please make sure that you meet the minimum requirements listed below before applying. If you do not meet the requirements at this time, please wait and apply once you do meet these requirements. MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS Have ATP certificate or ATP written No felony convictions No convictions for DUI/DWI within the last 7 years No misdemeanor convictions within the last 7 years Be willing to take a drug test Be able to furnish proof of eligibility for employment in the United States Able to relocate to Detroit/Willow Run area Be willing to work scheduled holidays, weekends, and must be willing to report to the airport within 20 minutes of being paged Be willing to sign a 24 month, $18,000 training agreement/contract </font color>

I sure would like to know what to expect from a company before I give them money just to look at me!
They operate out of Willow Run, the aircraft are typical freight-they all need to be washed. Large fleet, Falcons are ok (as far as Falcons go), DC-9's are long in the tooth. Be prepared to fly a lot of night/on call stuff and with various placards on the panel that say "... inop". Typical freight conditions.
It's a freight outfit - night time in all kinds of sucky weather with old equipment. You'll learn alot and gain alot of experience if you live thru it. (Awful lot of freight copmanies have an awful lot of accidents and violations).

They require you to be within 20 minutes of the airport while on call - enough said.

Oh - just thought of something else - as an example of how they USED to operate(don't know if this is still the way) - about 4 years ago I was talking to them and was offered an interview - because of my flight time and experience it was going to be for the DC-9 right seat. The gentleman I was talking to explained that they would require me to sign a training contract - I don't remember specific numbers but I believe it was for 24 months and $18,000 to, and I quote, "...cover our cost to train you...". I didn't have a problem at all with that until I got my mail about a week later - one of the major aviation magazines I subscribed to - I think it was Pro Pilot - did a big story on USA Jet - in it the Director of Training was quoted as saying that because of their in house DC-9 training device the cost to train a DC-9 FO was something like $7,000.

They wanted me to sign a contract for 18 grand and then tell the world in print that it only cost 7 grand to train an FO - I told them they could take it shove it.

They just furloughed, and there is a huge pool of people in line after they call back. I spoke with the CP last week.
I've seen the DC-9's they fly into Arlington Municipal, parked next to 172's and CJ1's. Absolutley dwarfs the ramp. Kinda cool, though, to see an airplane that big at an airport that small. They are old and dirty though, not sure if I'd want to pay 18,000 to fly them
What's the area like around Willow Run? That's like the Ypsi area if I'm not mistaken. I dated a girl that went to Eastern Michigan last year and we had jets making pretty low approaches over her dorm in Ypsi when they were going into YIP. Ypsi is kinda the ghetto of Ann Arbor, not sure if it'd be my first place on where to live. On the other hand, it is close to pretty decent civilization. Ann Arbor is a pretty happening town if you're into hippies, and Detroit is only a 30-40 minute drive away. Chicago is maybe 4-5 hours down the deathtrap...I mean I-94 (for those of you that know I-94, I live in Kalamazoo and my girlfriend lives in Ann Arbor so I've spent a lot of time dodging accidents on that road).

I'd probably take it if I got the offer, but then again I don't even have my commercial license yet.


John Herreshoff

Are you talking Ypsi as far as a place to live, or the job market there? YIP is mainly a cargo/corporate airport, I think it's one of the top 5 cargo airports in the country. They get a lot of deliveries for the big 3's just-in-time inventory system. USA Jet and Kalitta are a couple of the main carriers there.

If I had a job at Willow Run, I'd definitely live in Ann Arbor. I lived in Ann Arbor for nine years and I'm waiting to get back there. I spent a summer working just south of Willow Run and it was a 15-20min commute to my apartment in Ann Arbor. Ypsilanti has some decent areas for less money than Ann Arbor, but I'd rather be in Ann Arbor and enjoy a good mix of the classy bars on Main Street and college bars with cheap beer and wings on South U.