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US Marshal hiring pilot


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Airplane pilot (Aviation Safety)
SALARY RANGE: 91,781.00 - 119,314.00 USD per yearOPEN PERIOD: Thursday, December 04, 2008
to Monday, December 15, 2008SERIES & GRADE: GS-2181-14POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time Career/Career ConditionalPROMOTION POTENTIAL: 14DUTY LOCATIONS: 1 vacancy - Oklahoma City, OK WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: Status Candidates (Merit Promotion Eligibles)
JOB SUMMARY:The United States Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. The missions of the Service include protection of the judiciary, court security, witness security, asset seizure and forfeiture, apprehension of fugitives, prisoner transportation and custody.
Who May Apply: You may apply as a Merit Promotion candidate if you are a current or former career/career conditional Federal employee with competitive status. You may apply as an Open Competitive candidate if you are a US Citizen.
Job Summary: This position is located in the Flight Operations Branch, Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The incumbent serves as an Aircraft Pilot/Co-Pilot responsible for flying United States Marshals Service (USMS) owned and/or operated large turbine powered, turbo-prop, and reciprocating multi-engine fixed wing aircraft. The incumbent supports prisoner movements; special operations; patrol and reconnaissance; transports cargoes of ammunition, pyrotechnics, chemical munitions, parachute deliveries; and flies in and out of small airfields over unfavorable terrain during the day and at night.

  • This position is only open to Merit-Promotion eligibles.
  • Read the "How to Apply" section for required documentation information.
  • This position is subject to funding and availability.
  • Employment is contingent upon a drug test and background investigation.
  • Relocation expenses have NOT been authorized.
So does this mean you have to be a federal employee already? Sounds like it would be a pretty cool gig.


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They have their own taxiway at OKC - it's on the SW side of the field. It's the major terminal for what we all think of as Con Air.

I've heard that they way they handle boarding and security, the prisoners never actually see daylight.


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All things considered, this is probably a pretty good gig: good pay plus government benefits.

But, it's a tough job to get and the competition is likely to be stiff. I took a run at it back in 2004 or thereabouts. Had a few chats with the CP in OKC....really great guy.

However, he can only hire from a final list of candidates who make the cut and get to a list of ten or so given him by the department HR folks in DC. He does not participate in this stage of the selection and does not get to review ALL applicants and decide who gets the nod the way a private outfit might do it.

When you try to explain your qualifications to the desk drivers in DC, you've got a tough way to go. I ended up faxing 13 pages of their own required forms to them but didn't get very far despite the fact they were hiring for an MD80 job and I have an embarrassing amount of MD80 PIC time (mark of a hardcore underachiever :crazy:).

Further investigation discovered I didn't have enough "awards and commendations" in my background to be competitive. Well, airline pilots don't usually get awards and commendations. I've got a bunch of negative drug test results and a couple of letters from appreciative pax but that's pretty much it. I guess we line droids are a pretty lackluster bunch.:laff:

So, if you apply for this job, dig out those Boy Scout merit badges and make sure to put them on the forms.:laff:

But seriously, this is probably a job worth chasing.


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I always hated when they taxied by when I was out on the ramp at Willie. Sort of creepy to have all those guys watching you out the windows.


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Its a GS-14 level job, most likely will be an inside hire. ("Merit Promotion" is an inside hire)
They have to announce the job, even though they know it will be a promotion for someone that already works there!!!


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That's sure what it looks like this time around. It's worth watching in the future in case they allow the unwashed to apply. And, now they're only hiring one person. Getting hired would be akin to hitting the lottery.:laff:


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I always hated when they taxied by when I was out on the ramp at Willie. Sort of creepy to have all those guys watching you out the windows.
Its even creepier when they are all staring at you while you fuel. I usually hide under the wing...

I've heard that they way they handle boarding and security, the prisoners never actually see daylight.
They just line them up out on the ramp in front of the terminal/ FBO where I work. Sometimes they bring the prisoners into the terminal for the restroom. Always great to have transient/ flight school customers mingling with men chained up in white jumpsuits...

They used to have an old vacation express paint job on one of the Justice 737's. We all would get a laugh at the irony of that. Also the locals would see that and ask how they could get tickets on "that" airline.