United SOC Tour

Can anybody help me set up a tour of United dispatch (if tours are allowed)? I'm visiting family in Chicago Nov 9-16. I've been looking at dispatch as a career and figure it would be a good experience. Thanks.
Based off what I've heard from UA dispatchers (Only way I got up there was for an interview). It's pretty hard to get people in there now that the office is in the Willis Tower (very protected for obvious reasons). It's easy I think for all employees of UA to get tours. But for the general public, I think it'd be a little challenging. You may want to look at trying to get into any other OCC in the country besides this on being that it's in one of the most secure skyscrapers in the country. I could be wrong, they may have relaxed policies for visits. We have a couple UA Dispatchers that are active in the forum and may be able to help out with answers on whether is still hard for even them to get people up there e.g. family members.