United: Slim plane seats will save money, add passengers


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Yep, coming to a plane near you. Don't ask why it was announced in Cleveland.

CLEVELAND -- United Airlines says it will replace the seats in economy class next year on 152 planes.
The renovations will be on the Airbus fleet, which have a three-and-three seat configuration in coach.
The new slim and lightweight seats will save on fuel costs, according to the airline.
With a thinner seat back, United says they'll be able to add an extra row to the aircraft without sacrificing leg room.
Many airlines around the globe have added the new slim seats, in an effort to make planes lighter.
The rollout is expected to take place next year. It's one of several changes United Airlines is making to their fleet.
The company is adding larger overhead bins to the Airbus planes and will also add Wi-Fi to all planes by 2015.
Passengers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are weighing in on the planned changes.


Bah, cut the crap and do it right....RyanAir style:



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There's something to be said for efficiency. If they don't sacrifice any more legroom, I don't see the problem.

I was on a 737-800 - a brand-spanking-new SWA flight (nonstop BWI to SAN) last week. It has the new overhead bins that you push up to close - I think they're counterweighted somehow to make it easy. When they're closed, there is WAY more headroom in the cabin, yet they hold more. I wish I'd taken a picture - but it was really impressive.

Improvements like this - reducing weight, using space more efficiently, are smart things for airlines to spend money on.


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If these happen to be the same type of seats that Skybus used on their Airbus' (Airbii?) they were actually kinda comfortable. The extra legroom came from moving the setback pocket to the top of the seat, behind the headrest.