United biffed it again


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So for the past few months here in DEN, Frontier which is in serious need of more gate space has been pushing the city to lease some more gates for us on the A-concourse. We pretty much have all the gates on the west side of A but the east side is run by CO and UA. The thing is, all the gates that UA use are not used very much. Sometimes they are lucky to use a gate twice a day over there. Basically UA is leasing the gate and keeping the lease so that we cant have it (thus helping our business and hurting theirs). The airport has been telling them to use the gates or give them up for others. I guess you can't really blame them for this but after months of back and forth about this issue, DIA finally announced that they are going to add on to our side of Concourse A and build 10-16 brand new gates at a cost of $300 million. The funny thing is that this price will make everyone's cost at DEN go up. So now, UA is helping pay for our new gates, paying for their gates that Frontier doesnt want anymore, and to top it all off they barely even use those gates. I just thought it was kinda funny how it backfired on UA.

For a company that is losing so many millions of dollars every day it seems that they would jump at the chance to save some money and give up gates that they dont really use.



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You just explained very eloquently why United is bankrupt.

Business decisions that defy logic.