United and Chautauqua are hooking up!


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Just read a press release at United's website ... all three airlines that are owned by Wexford Capital (Chautauqua, Republic, and Shuttle America) will begin operating as United Express later this year. The flying will be supporting primarily the Chicago (ORD) and Washington (IAD) hubs.

Republic Airlines will operate sixteen (16) seventy seat regional jets for United. Chautauqua Airlines will operate sixteen (16) fifty seat regional jets for United. Shuttle America will operate ten (10) Saab 340 turboprops for United.

Should be good news for hiring at the regional level.
Well CHQ was in the hunt before, and blamed their loss on the bid on the pilot contract negotiations.

There will be plenty of flying for Mesa and Chautauqua.
Tenney, you're absolutely right. Remember that there is a ton of ACA flying at IAD to be replaced when that relationship ends in the near future. Everything that Mesa and Chautauqua have been awarded (plus the 10 former AirTran aircraft that Air Wisconsin will now be flying on the UAL side) does not cover that.

The music has certainly not stopped yet. Here's hoping I find a chair before it does ...
I'm glad CHQ got the bid. They are a good company. Morale is pretty good over there right now.

I've been watching them very closely.
Keep in mind that UA is also trying to protect themselves from what DAL experienced with the Comair strike. For any given city pair, it's now rare to have all the flying done by one codeshare.

Also, a portion of the new RJ flying is replacement for 737 runs. With Ted starting and UA still in the $$ hurt, don't be those 737s will be replacing what the A319/320 was flying.