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Hey, FSI folks. I've finally decided that FSI is the school for me. I plan on starting on Nov 4th. In regards to the uniform pants, do they require a specific brand or what? And for that matter, is there a specific style of shirt?

When I was there you got measure the 1st day of orientation for a uniform. That included pants/shirt. If you want to save some $$ don't go overboard on uniforms, I know some people get like 5 shirts and 4 slacks, I happened to get 3 shirts/2 slacks and that worked just fine. Remeber you're not going to be all day in the uniform.
Since I haven't seen it posted, I called and asked about the cost of the FSI pilot shirts. They are $18.50. I've seen some shirts online for as cheap as 16.50, but when you factor in shipping and possible refunds, it ain't worth it in my opinion. As for the pants, no choices available online there that I've seen. I can't wait for the feel of polyester britches again
Well, personally I'd like to be able to wear Dickies pants. Is that allowed? I suppose that I should just pick up the phone and call them... duh.

That made me laugh 16.50 online. Wait until the 5hr X-country in the PA44. $1000.+. If you want to save money...DON'T yellow sheet a lesson(have to repeat) 1 yellow sheet= 20 shirts
As a student, I don't think that investing in some good white pilot shirts will hurt you at all. Remember that pretty much every airline uses white shirts. Unlike those blue shirts that are pretty worthless to me now unless I rejoin CAP.

If anybody wants to buy some blue instructor shirts, call me.
I guess that I was referring to the different 'cuts' of shirts. Pretty minor differences really. Usually the shape of the pocket. Do the various airlines have guidelines for that?

I think that pretty much any uniform type shirt with epaulets will do. I personally like the one with open pockets and a small pen holder inside the main pocket.

The ones that I bought through ACA have a faux button flap on the pocket front with an open top. The bottom of the pockets are square and don't have the western style point that the FSI uniform shirts have.