Uniform Shoe


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To any FSI students/instructors:

What type of shoe do you reccomend for the uniform? Brown/Black? Dress Shoe? Rubber Sole? Any help/reccomendation would be great! Thanks!
It has to be black, but nothing terribly nice is required. Most folks seem to have a simple semi-dress shoe.
Go for the Doc Martens -- looks like a shoe, feels like a slipper!
Personally, I wear a pair of simple black cowboy boots. I find that they are very comfortable. I am still trying to figure out one thing, however. At the end of their training, many students have tied the laces of their shoes together & thrown them over the powerlines right outside of flight ops. How the heck am I going to do that with cowboy boots? I'll keep trying 'til I get it right...


Now I wonder how many people will be looking for the guy in cowboy boots to figure out who I am...I'm not aware of anyone else wearing them, but then I usually have my eye on the sky, rather than on other people's footwear...
Yes comfort is probably the most important thing, but I would also pay attention to appearance and cleanliness. Throw some polish on them every now and then. You don't want to look too casual and always want to make a good impression.
They allow cowboy boots? That's good news for me if I end up at Flight Safety. I LIVE in cowboy boots. Awesome.

Sure they allow cowboy boots. I really don't think that there is any style of footwear that is not allowed as long as it is black & simply stated. Showing up in a pair of Gene Simmon's KISS boots would probably not go over well. I wear a pair of black Justin Ropers, very simple, very comfortable. It's the second pair of Ropers I've owned (the last ones being brown so I couldn't wear them here) & I wouldn't wear anything else.

I always wore a pair of Skechers except when it rained, then I used waterproof black Rocky boots.

As to the cowboy boots, there used to be a student that actually wore a black cowboy 10-gallon hat. I'm not sure what happened to him, whether he graduated or had to obtain more uniform headgear.