Unfair Criticism of Aviation Schools


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I am surprised that there have been few posts regarding the number of hijackers that trained at aviation schools in the US and Florida especially. ERAU seems to have been singled out--along with Huffman Aviaion--and I feel the criticism is unjust. ERAU is a great school that has trained nearly a quarter of US Airline pilots, a fact that most of the reporters have pointed out. If a person's legal documents are in order, it is no more fair to criticize a flight school for offering that person its services than it is to criticize the car dealership, the grocery store, the cleaners or any other business where these monsters frequented. The thing we should all remember as this fight goes on is this--these people lived among us, some of them for over a year. Their children played with the children of their neighbors--and still they hated us with such fervor that they murdered our own without a second thought. Do we have the willpower to outlast such a foe? It will be interesting to see. Don't criticize the flight schools that did what they do best--train people who love to fly--but criticize the government boondoggle that allowed these killers to live among us, in some cases illegally, for years. The thing I would like for Mr. Bush to do is to promise each person in the armed services that is willing to give their lives for this cause--your life will not be lost in vain, we will not quit the job until we are finished. He owes them that much.