UND Laptop Program


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First of all, I have not yet transferred to UND so all of the information is what I have heard.

I see no point to this program and the director of the program could not give me a good reason to justify the 1500 $/ year (if you do the summer sessions). We will be renting computers that are at least a year old, and some of teh older ones as enthusiasticly explained on the website even come with windows 98 /ubbthreads/images/icons/shocked.gif. There are many differnt ways pilot's can get the computer experience that the school feels necesary. Why not jsut make it a requirement of the course. Thsi would solve all of the problems. Thsi is also another thing that sucks, we need to pay a techology fee per credit on top of that which probably adds another 500 / year to the technology costs. Don't get me wrong, UND is a great school and that is why I choose to go there, but I really see ne need for this program, and unitl I see the benifits I'll be a skeptic.