U.S. Warns About Qaeda Suicide Plane Threat


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an exerpt from the story at Yahoo News/Reuters [ QUOTE ]

"This plot and a similar plot last year to fly a small explosive-laden aircraft into a U.S. warship in the Persian Gulf demonstrate al Qaeda's continued fixation with using explosive-laden small aircraft in attacks," the advisory said.

A small plane loaded with explosives would be equivalent to a medium-sized truck bomb, it said.

The advisory warned that al Qaeda might attempt to use charter or small aircraft for future attacks because of their "availability, less stringent protective measures, and destructive potential."

"The group has a fair sized pilot cadre and the use of small aircraft requires far less skill and training than some larger aircraft," the advisory said.

Charter aircraft may be attractive to extremists because security procedures typically are not as rigorous as those for commercial airlines and "terrorists" would not have to control a large number of passengers, it said.

"Reliable information obtained last year indicated al Qaeda might use experienced non-Arab pilots to rent three or four light aircraft under the guise of flying lessons," it said.

The Department of Homeland Security said it was asking members of the aviation community to report to law enforcement authorities "all unusual and suspicious activities" such as people, aircraft and operations that did not fit the customary pattern at the airport.

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Oh great, that is all we need. More terrrorists using planes and another excuse for the FAA to clamp down on security at small airports and flight schools. OUCH
The media sucks. Plain and simple.

What kind of dolt would even think this stuff up? It's been proven that a small plane's destructive power is squat against hard targets, so flying a plane into a building will break some windows, maybe kill a person or two, if they're lucky, and knock themselves off in the process (which they don't care about, obviously). If Al Qaeda wanted to use an explosive about the size of a truck bomb, would it seem that they'd use, you know, a truck? I mean, a truck driving down the street raises alot less suspicion then a plane flying around a building. I dunno.. Something very Chicken Little about this whole "using small planes as tactical weapons" deal. Seems like more media knee jerk reactionism to me.

Heck, if we work at it, perhaps we can link Al Qaeda to the SARS outbreak!

News services are out of control.

Yeah, I would have to agree that the news takes these stories and tries to get everyone scared. I guess we can't blame them though, they're just trying to get the ratings. It wouldn't be so bad if the general public had half a brain and wouldn't flip out about everything. There are some really good news programs out there but the majority just don't research each side of the story. Aviation is one thing that is always hit hard any time it is on the news because a lot of people are scared of flying and have no idea about any apspects of flight or the industry itself. Thank God for groups like AOPA, EAA, NATA, NBAA and others that are out there trying to educate society/media and keeping the pressure on our lawmakers.

I sure hope that al qaeda (lowercase for a reason) thinks twice about what they try because we just so happen to have plenty of combat hardened military personnel conveniently stationed ALL OVER THE WORLD. Their ideas of attacking with a small aircraft packed full of explosives just shows how dumb they are. They would need a lot of explosives to do any major damage and the dumba$$es probably won't know that they need to do weight and balance, ending up with too much weight for takeoff and running the airlplane into a ditch at the end of the runway. They could then get a good look at our legal system and get to meet the "boys" at the federal penatentiary (sp?). Sorry for the rant. This stuff tends to get me fired up.

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The media has been after general aviation for years!

Lousy bums!