Typical day in the life in ACP?


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What's a typical day like at the ACP program. Super intense? Are you flying/studying from dawn to dusk? Do you have any days off or is it every day for 90 days? I know some days will be different than others but just trying to get a feel for what it will be like?
Do a Google Newsgroups search for C J Campbell's ATP Diary. He reported his experiences in the career pilot program at ATP Sacramento pretty well. Great reading. Also, look for Stephen Ames' website http://www.stephenames.com/flying/flying.html , he documented every day's flying when he went through at ATP Houston.
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I Just finished with my first week at ATP Sac. The first day here (Monday), I was told that I would be taking my multi-engine checkride on Thursday. That's right, 3 days of flying, then the check ride. I took and passed the checkride on Thursday. Saturday, I took instrument written exam and instrument instructor exam. I am studying for the commercial written for Thurs. as well as begining instrument training. It's been good so far. Just flying, eating, and some sleep.
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I am just curious, is it the Chief Pilot that does the checkrides or do they have an outside FAA examiner? I just did not understand why it says $2,400 for examiner fees on their website.
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We don't have 'chief pilots' out at the various locations, so we use DPEs. (Designated Pilot Examiner, ie. the FAA examiners.)

Which is a good thing, IMO, as we're less likely to be accused of 'selling ratings'. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

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How is the day realy?
How many hours groun and how many hours flight per day?
Will they group me up with 1 student and he will be my companion for the whole program?
Im going to ATP riverside hopefully
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To answer the last first; Some people go through the program single, most are paired up with one more student, and you remain with him/her through most of the program. There's really no difference, quality wise, between the two.

As for a typical day..
It varies, depending on where you are in the training. If I was to try to paint an 'average' day though it would be about an hour to two of ground, then two hours either in the sim or the plane. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
The time not spent with your instructor is best spent studying.

Some days will have more ground, some less. Some will have no flying, some will have 6 hours of flying.

If you're flexible and prepeared for anything I think you'll find your time in the program incredibly fun.