Twin engine plane crash at KSEZ kills former olympian


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3 total fatal in the crash of the twin on takeoff from the field, including the former olympian. Appears, according to witnesses, the plane never lifted off and went off the departure end of RW 21 and down the ravine at the end, catching fire and burning completely, with none of the three onboard escaping the wreckage.

Pictures show follow-up of US Forest Service and Town of Sedona firefighters at the scene containing the surrounding brush fire and the aircraft fire, respectively. Unfortunately, SEZ is another airport that doesn't have firefighting units stationed on the airfield, and the Town of Sedona doesn't have ARFF trucks. The nearest fire station is located near the bottom of the mesa that the airport is located atop, and it takes a good while for heavy fire trucks to get up the switchback road to the airport itself.

Even so, any departure end overrun accident of any significance at KSEZ is a nightmare for fire units to access and get firefighting and rescue equipment to, simply due to the terrain down the ravine; and thats even if there were units stationed on field.

Three people were killed when a small airplane registered to a former U.S. Olympic distance runner went off the end of a runway at Sedona Airport on Thursday morning.

A spokesman with the Sedona Fire Department confirmed the deaths, though no identities were available.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the airplane was a small, twin-engine Beech 60 and burst into flames after falling down a tree-covered hill at the southwest end of Runway 21.

The plane was registered to Patrick R. Porter of Albuquerque, NM. Porter, whose wife, Trish Porter, is a former U.S. Olympic high jumper, ran the 10,000 meters for the U.S. at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles and 1988 Games in Seoul, South Korea.

Trish Porter was a high jumper for the U.S. in Seoul.

The FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating this accident. NTSB is the lead investigative agency.

A witness told CBS 5 News the plane went off the end of the runway on takeoff just before 9 a.m. and burst into flames, killing the three on board.
SEDONA, Ariz. -
"It went for takeoff and then it went over the side and we saw a big explosion and black smoke," describes witness Holly McKusick.

A tragic sight in one of Arizona's most beautiful towns -- 3 people killed when a plane crashes off the end of a runway in Sedona.

The plane burst into flames on impact at the Sedona airport. It went down around 9 a.m. Thursday during takeoff. The plane had trouble taking off and went past the runway down a cliff.

When you see a close-up of the wreckage, you'll see why no one could've survived.

One of the victims is two-time Olympian Patrick Porter. Almost nothing is left of his plane after it burst into flames.

McKusich works at the Mesa Grill, a restaurant right next to the airport. She watched the plane try to take off and fail.

"Everybody stood up and gasped and screamed. My boss called 911 and I grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran out there."

The plane ended up about a mile down the cliff, completely engulfed in flames. The twin engine prop plane was registered to Olympic runner Patrick Porter, 53, who lives in Albuquerque. His wife confirmed he was on the plane.

There's no information on who the two others on board were. All three died.

Pilots say the Sedona airport can be very tricky when it comes to take off and landings -- that's because this airport is at such a high altitude.

The airport sits on a mesa almost 5,000 feet above sea level.

"You always have gusts here. Updrafts downdrafts it's just a predicament, all pilots have that taking off and landing here," says pilot Stephen Loftin.

The FAA and NTSB have been called in to investigate.
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I met the guy multiple times this is very sad.

Inside information

His wife was not on board.

It was his sons birthday who turned 14 and and his sons friend.

His wife and daughter were not involved in the crash.