Twin Comanche advise


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I know there are a few of you on this board with TwinCo time. A friend would like me to do some airwork, SE work and landings tomorrow. I have around 160 hours of Seneca time and 2 hours Apache time.

Any advice on things to watch out for or things to expect.

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no single engine stalls, be prepared for it to drop a wing in any stall, and youre gonna have to bump the starter to get it to windmill. remember ...the twin comanche has a thin, laminar flow wing, much unlike what youre used to..its slippery. even with the small engines, itll smoke a seneca, and flies like a sportscar. also, remember not to put your name on anything until you have 5 hrs in type.


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Whether you flair or flare, get the nose up! Even with the small nose wheel STC, this plane will wheelbarrow. On takeoff, too. Keep the back pressure to get the nose off the ground, or the mains on the ground. It's already been mentioned, but watch that wing, it's a slick sucker, and stay alert during the stalls (NO SE!).


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I friend of mine tells a story about seeing 'death' while doing single engine work in his twinco. it spun on him :) that being said, i would love to get back into one of those planes. They are great. Fast, efficient, fast and the most important of all: stylish!