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how much is tuition for ERAU in Daytona Beach, i couldm't find it at the website, so i was wondering if someone can give me a rough estimate.
A question I have is how am i going to pay for this? I know about FASFA the financial aid stuff, but still I think it will be costing a lot. Any help? How much exactly is it?
Tuition will cost you about $15,000 per year. Flight training, well, that depends on you. Dual in a C172 is about $105 per hour, and is not part of your tuition.
ERAU is a private school, and receives no money from the state of Florida. Therefore, the price for in-state tuition is the same as it is for out-of-state tuition. In the spring and fall terms, you buy a "block" of 16 credit hours for about $7,500. That price is good for between 12 and 16 hours. In the summer the cost is about $450 per credit hour, and no "blocks" of credit hours are sold.
As you can see above, the most efficient method of attending is to take 16 credit hours in the spring and fall, and taking the summers off.
how much does it cost just to rent an airplane wet with no intructor?

And how much does room and board cost?

Thanks guys

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I'm looking for the big picture as far as cost goes. So does anyone have a guestamate with flight costs and tuittion included, just a rough guess if that's all you can offer. I just got accepted to prescott today, and I'm worried about the cost.

$450 /credit hour? Real nice LOL... that reminds me on my old (also private) college in Germany (which, btw, I should have avoided)...

I guess from today on I can stop complaining about Broward Community College. Not that there are lot to complain about. I was just picky because I had to pay out of state fees for a while (180/credit hour) but now I have become an in-state dude ($50/credit h)...

Thanks for the answer.


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You can rent a C172 for about $69.00/Hr. wet. The big problem is availability. With the number of students at the school, it can be nearly impossible to rent.
The total cost of tuition, flight training, and room & board will cost around .....$100K..... It hurts, but ya do what ya gotta do!!
I found out that embry riddle in Prescott usually ranges at 27-28k a year with every possible detail included, except for travel from you home to the school.
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i'm 23yo,from egypt,i always hoped to be a pilot...i don't know if i got too old or still have a chance...anyway,as i said before i live in egypt,i study architecture and i'll graduate next,can i start studying aeronautical science after that in eru,and if so,what will i need also?
I'm a student at the CATER program in Deland, FL. My instructor recently graduated from ERAU with an Aviation Sciences degree. He didn't take breaks and was able to complete his degree in 3 years. He also took his flight training at ERAU. All totalled, his education and flight training cost $125,000.00. Yes, the cost is huge, but lenders are ready and willing to let you have the money, especially for an ERAU education. In addition, imagine the power of having Embry-Riddle on your resume. Our career field pays quite well. The education does cost a lot, but I believe it is well worth it. Just my 2 cents....