TSA To Ban Dwarfs


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Well, given how they react, they'll do it after this.


Swedish airport staff were not amused when a team from a TV comedy show tried to check in a suitcase with a dwarf inside.

Employees at Bromma airport called police when the dwarf hopped out of the suitcase at the check-in counter.

Police soon found that it was a stunt being filmed by a hidden camera for a program on private TV network Kanal 5.

Police spokesman Mats Eriksson says airport staff decided against filing charges even though they were "shocked and humiliated" by Wednesday's stunt.

I can hear it now.

"Place your shoes, metal objects, and your laptop in the trays. And please remove all dwarfs from suitcases."


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attempt to steal services? (not paying for a ticket!)
Does it state somewhere that I can not take people in my bags? I know I can't think dangerous goods but it I have not seen people on the prohibited list. :laff:


You mean Shennanigans?!?!
Well, there goes the entertainment we had planned for us guys in Vegas...........

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
Legend has it he used to fly for Air Midwest, and had foot extensions for the pedals. He's right in there with Wignasty and The Wolfman in the pilot sideshow "believe it or not". Don't know that he really exists, but I can personally verify Wignasty, having randomly walked past him in the terminal.

Boris Badenov

This is no laughing matter.
sorrygottarunaway said:
You know him too? I used to see him in IAD all the time! I wonder if he lurks here...
Alas, I haven't had the pleasure, but the stories of guys walking through the terminal and falling over their rollaboards doing double-takes make me wish I had. One hopes he does lurk in IAD. Under a jetbridge, with any luck.