Truck drivers new rest rules more conservative than pilots


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From the IPA (UPS pilot union) news:

In an effort to improve highway safety and ultimately save lives,
the Department of Transportation Sunday will begin enforcing
its new trucking hours-of-service rule. The new safety rule synchronizes
the commercial drivers' work and rest schedule better with the
body's circadian rhythm to reduce fatigue and make the roadways
safer. So what could this mean for pilots' efforts to improve
flight duty time regulations? IPA Safety Committee Vice Chair
Michael Moody has more on the new rules and their possible impact
on the aviation industry.

{MOODY:} I think it's a positive step. I believe this is the
first major change in the hours of service for truck drivers
in a number of years; probably as long as the FAA has had our
current work rules in place. The meat of the matter is that they
are changing the rules and the number of hours a driver must
have off from eight to ten. They must have ten hours off after
they complete a work cycle which is more than what is required
by the FAA and actually is more than what required by our current
working agreement.

{SHELLEY:} Could this help the pilots as they fight to get improved
flight duty time regulations?

{MOODY:} It can't hurt us at all. The DOT was very blunt in its
logic for issuing the new rules. They stated they did tremendous
amount of scientific study and they used that information to
come up with the rules. They also had a lot of pressure from
the industry to make sure they didn't cripple the industry. They
even stated in their press release that it is estimated that
the new hours of service rule will save 75 lives, prevent over
1,300 fatigue related injuries and prevent over 6,000 property
damage only crashes each year. That will result in a cost savings
to the American economy of over $600,000,000 per year. So, they
were able to scientifically prove that more rest was a good thing
and will actually save us money.