Trip to the Hill Country


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My mount for the day:

Ugh. Glad I don't pay the fuel bill. Of course, once you get to altitude you can set up a fuel flow of anywhere from 12 to 23 gph.

Got above the haze layer and had a smooth ride.

There's something about listening to Willie's Place when flying a Mooney airplane to the factory where it was built. I don't listen to country any other time, normally.

Llano river

City of Llano, TX, home of Cooper's BBQ.

20 miles out

Crossing I-10 and looking at the City of Kerrville, TX

Leaving ERV for home

A little weather starting to build up, but not along my route of flight today

This storm is out west of Abilene, as seen on the weather display above. That's a good 150 miles away.

At 13,500', I can fly over the Restricted Areas near Killeen, which we normally have to circumvent. A big thank you to all our men and women wearing the uniform!!

Downtown Big D

Used to be the largest airport in the world. Now DEN has that title.

Let's see.....72 x $6.85/gal = *^(@#*%.



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Thanks for those pics, Been up here in flat land (KS) for 25 days now, I miss home! ERV is just right up the road from home, We do a lot of VOR, and Loc Practice approaches into kerville!


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Pretty airplane. Can I have it? :)

Just went to Llano the other that little airport down there, and they'll let you take the crew car for barbecue if you like.

Was that $6.85 fuel at TKI? Cutter has the same kind of fuel truck...figured you might be at TKI or ADS.


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KillBilly, I've flogged the police car at AQO many a time. In fact, the last time I was there was doing a photo shoot for Diamond with Robert Goyer, which was published in last month's edition of Flying magazine. I was flying the ship Mr. Goyer was shooting from. The $6.85 is at ADS, and that includes our discount. It's over $7 if you're transient.

At any rate, thanks to everybody for the positive comments!

Edit: Robbie, I am shooting with a D70 and a Sigma 17-70 2.8-4. The lens is a bit bulky and heavy, but it has a good range and I take a variety of shots, so it suits me well. I also paid quite a bit below the MSRP for it, so it was a no-brainer.


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Nice ERV shots.

Grew up about a mile from the mooney factory. Did my first solo at ERV, not in a mooney unfortunately though.

Cool trip, nice photos.