Traveling to Hawaii


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I'm going to Hawaii in May. Does anyone know of any hotel discounts offered to airline employees or an trael industry rate I should look for? (or any great prices at all). I'm looking at the Big Island or Kauai.

Ohana East in Honolulu has a crew rate. I think it was roughly $80 a night and its just a few blocks from Waikiki beach. really enjoyed my stay there!
My wife and I have used VRBOdotCOM for multiple trips and we have never been disappointed. For example: we got a 1 room beach front condo in Kona for $140/night including tax etc. I dont know what is available on other islands, but other VRBO places we have stayed always seemed way nicer for the $$ than what we could get through hotels and such. Just do your due diligence and try to use google maps to confirm the actual location of the place before you commit. FWIW, most of the places we have stayed have been owned by realtors as investment properties.
+1 for VRBO. Fiancee and I use it a year ago and got a 10th floor condo for around $130/nt in Maui, right off the ocean facing the west.


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