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Hello I was considering flying into Ft. Pierce for the Time Building program however I just have a couple questions. First of all how easy is it to get housing there? I was told that housing wasnt guaranteed for time building programs. Are chances good that I would have a place to stay or would I have to probably make arrangements at a motel? Also If I had to stay at a nearby hotel is it possible to arrange transportation to and from the hotel/motel?? Thanks to anyone for your help

Its great to here that you are interested in our time building program. Housing will be 25 dollars per day or 500 dollars per month. It might take us a couple of days to get you into one of our houses depending on when you plan to come, but we will put you in at a hotel and pay the difference. If you have any further question give me an email at

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No there is not, but many of the students do have their own cars so you can catch a ride with them. We also have cars you can rent while you are down here for 100 a week.

The housing isn't very far from the airport either. I would say 10 miles at the max. That being the case. It's a perfect bike ride to get the blood flowing. That was one of the first things I thought about when I visited. The only thing that woud stink is if it was raining. But then you could probably get a ride with someone in the housing.

Ari.... When I visited, I didn't go in to the housing because I didn't want to take Jillians entire sunday away from him. I had already bent his ear for 2 hours so I chose to let him get back to his family and just drove by it. Can you give me an idea of the layout inside the houses. How many bathrooms? Would you need to bring anything with you? Could you bring furniture, a bed or a desk if you desired? How much storage is there for things like bikes, etc? THese are a couple questions that I thought of after talking to Jillian.

Ari will better be able to confirm this but (i need to get my notes) I remember them being small 3 bedroom houses with one student per bedroom.

The houses were new. In fact. They looked like they had been built within the last couple years.

Correct they are new houses The houses are 3 bedroom 2 bathroom one person per room. Each room is has its own TV, bed and desk so you will not have to bring anything. There is some storage space since each of the houses has its own garage as well. Any question feel free to email me