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for posting a non aviation question but JC is an almost infinite source of knowledge and info

I have over 200 rolls of super 8 mm home movies ,some over 25 yrs old that i would like to transfer to DVD.
I prefer no to go to commercial outlets not only for the expense but had a couple of bad experiences prior so im looking for a way to do it myself.
So far i experimented a bit proyecting the film to a screen placed very close [18'' ] creating a very bright image and videoteping the movie with a VHS palmcorder,im planing eventualy to transfer the VHS to DVD.Im willing to invest in some equipement.
My question is : is there a better way to do this ?
Tnx very much for help


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Going from VHS to DVD can be done pretty easily on your own. I did it with a number of old videos (including one of me coming back from my first dual cross country - let's make this aviation related

For that part of it, all you really need is a video capture set up on your computer and the DVD creation software. I experimented with some of the usb-available plug-in stuff available from Pinnacle (, but ended up extremely happy with a used Radeon All-In-Wonder ( I picked up on ebay.

Getting from Super-8, though. That's a story for someone else.


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I have a typical video camera with 25 min cassettes (don't remember if their 8mm or not) that i've transfered directly from VCR to our hard drive on the computer. We used Dazzle video capture equipment which plugs in directly from VCR to USB. granted, you need a 8mm player to put into the VCR - to be able to read the tape... but if you have that already, just get a video capture device and start running the tape.

unfortunately, it takes a while to do because you have to "play" the 8mm tape (no fast forwarding or easy solution on that). just make sure you have enough hard drive space because it'll eat it up like *snap* that! make sure you use the highest settings as well to get the best computer picture.

we took our wedding VHS and put it onto the computer -> at some point when i actually take the time, i'm going to edit it up a bit and stick it on a DVD for all of the family and so forth. that'll be fun!

trying to run the tape onto a screen and capturing it from the screen is like trying to music cassette tape from one stereo to another because you don't have a dual system. most likely, you'll find things on the new tape that weren't on the original tape because your not directly copying from the original tape and that may end up bothering you.

If you have a VCR - that's your best advantage!

hope this helps a little...


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There is a device made that lets you transfer movie film to video tape. I think you need a video camera to do it though. You might want to check with a camera shop, they may be able to help you out.


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You need a Video Capture card, like an Osprey 200 or equivalent. I frequently convert VHS to Windows Movie Maker.


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I have a Canopus converter on my computer. It'll convert analog to digital anything with a S-video or RCA jacks (red-white-yellow). It's pretty slick. I can take that and edit the video, then burn it to DVD.


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Thanks a lot for suggestions, i have considered upgrading the computer getting the software and DVD burner but my bigest chalange is to transfer the original film to another medium ,burning the DVD is not a major problem[ may be getting a DVD recorder].I checked the camera shops and they have a small optical device [mirrors and lenses] to help the process of taping the proyected movie but the results are not very good

If i win the loto i can get one of these scanners used by Holywood to remake old movies
Tnx again