Trafficwatch anyone?


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I've been looking a lot for trafficwatch jobs around the country. ANY CITY

I cant seem to find anything.

Does anyone have any contacts or names of companies for me? just a few email addresses or ph #?

Desert Peak Avaition

Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV

Start 16.00/ hour, Monday-Friday. 5.5 hours per day. 6 month commitment.

Contact Information:
Mr. Shannon Sheldon | President
2241 E. Myrtle Avenue
15115 N. Airport Drive Ste. 8
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States of America
Phone: (602) 421-4686
Cell Phone: 6024214686
Fax: 6029549264
Does anybody know if Desert Peak is a Metro Networks contractor?

Yes. Started out with Skyview Traffic Networks until they were bought out by Metro Networks. I believe they've reduced their fleet since one of the main stations they supported now only uses the vast amount of traffic cameras that are on the Phoenix valley freeways and streets. I was Desert Peak's Chief Pilot in '94; wrote their first Ops Manual for them.
I give it a year before it's done

I don't doubt that. Traffic watch was never anything more than a filler on radio.......every report was obsolete right after it was given, unless something big. Having a plane (or helo) isn't cost efficient for the little bit of advertising revenue received for the ads the reporter reads. Even TV news agencies are combining resources, as seen in PHX, where 3 stations that had their own helos are now combining to use the same feed from one. The company I was Chief for here, I believe, now only uses one plane, when at one time we had three, normally two.