TRACON pronunciation?


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Is it "tray"-con?

Or tracon where the "tra-" part sounds like the "tra-" in transmission?

I'm reading McElroy's book by the same name, a great novel!
TRAY-CON..... you got it!!

Trivia....if it's a military approach control facility, what do you call it??
It's about TRACONs.

is it a RAPCON?

If so, thank you Google!

Ah, TRACON is a good book about an air traffic controller (Ryan Kelly at O'Hare TRACON) who is immersed in problems with TCAS and lack of proper equipment (no Doppler, no STARS, etc.).

A very detailed book with a reasonably realistic look inside air traffic control.

Remains true today... read just last night that the FAA has dropped installation of STARS from 18 facilities to just seven this year due to budget cuts.

A funny part of the book... it includes all the regular airlines like United, Delta, America West, etc. It also has its version of the "red shirts" in early Trek episodes. Any time you hear a fictitious name like Coastal Airlines... watch out!! Red shirts always get nailed first!

I'm only a part way through the book but it's great so far. Sure beats Pushing Tin.
Yeah, it is a pretty good book. I've read it a couple of times. Way more realistic than I expected it to be, given its not even written by a pilot or controller.
cointyro, yeah it is RAPCON.

Approach and Departure in Grand Forks, ND, is taken care of by RAPCON located at the Grand Forks AFB. Both civilian and military controllers work at the RAPCON here, not sure about anywhere else though.
It's about TRACONs.

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Not so fast. It depends. If it's a USAF TRACON, then it's called a RAPCON. If it's a USN/USMC TRACON, then it's called a RATCF (Radar Air Traffic Control Facility); if it's a US Army TRACON, then it's called an ARAC (Army Radar Approach Control).
Good answer, MikeD....that's cheating, you know - you're in the military. That's almost like me asking what the MGTOW for the A-10 is, and you answering....
Trivia....if it's a military approach control facility, what do you call it??

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BTW, I read Tracon too. It's a great book.