Touring FSI next week


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I'm visiting FSI next Thursday, and taking their tour in addition to staying in the dorms (hey it's free....) and look forward to to it. I have been researching several aspects of their program ahead of time, and would like some info from those already there:

1. Loans. I am now preapproved for $60k from Key Bank. For others taking this option, what is your monthly payment? I can run my own numbers in Excel but their numbers will invariably be different.

2. Loans II: Can I borrow more than I really need? My plan is to borrow 60k, and use the excess as a pad and to pay off my car loan, having one payment.

3. Equipment. Do you have to get uniforms at FSI, or can you get them yourself? What books do they use in ground school?

4. Flying. As a visitor next week, could I fly backseat on a training flight to see how it's done?

I'm planning on attending in December. I've been reading posts here for a while, with valuable info (Thanks Chunk and Veronaut).

I borrowed 60k which is about 10k more than I need. As I recall you can borrow up to what ever the Key Alternative loan allows for assuming they like your credit history. My payment will be about $500 a month. I am right on budget for the program (a about a week from finishing Step 5) and I plan on giving 5k back to Key and keeping the rest to help with the payments for the first year.

I am fairly certain that you can get your uniform any place you like as long as it conforms to FSI. Most of the ground schools will be based on Jeppeson texts. Though there are a few other non-Jeps books I had to get (no complaints they were all good books). In particular the Jeps Private & Commercial texts and US. Gov publications.

I would ask marketing about backseating (Gemini) a flight. I cant imagine why they would say no.

Thanks for the reply-I'll call Monday and request a backseat ride. About financing, your numbers sound on target. However, why would you give $5k back to Key? How much do you think this will reduce your payment? From reading their loan contract, once the funds are disbursed, that's it-any repayment will be with interest added in. Now if I could borrow $60k, give back $5k and then owe $55k...(plus interest) that would be worth doing. I'll be spending some quality time at the financial aid office while I am there.

DId you arrive with any flight time? I'll have my PPL with around 110 hours. Like everyone else, I'd like to be a CFI for FSI, and with any luck they will need instructors next summer.
With 110 hours, you might be able to skip step 2 ( the time-building step) depending on the breakdown...(how much xc, etc). I'd recomend auditing's free and it'll get you used to the FSI system of things. How current are you, btw?

I have a 60k loan, and will get about half of that back from the VA. I'll sit on that for awhile, use it to make payments when I'll be least likely to be able to....right after leaving here, rather than paying off a bug huge chunk. If you pay off a big chunk, it shortens the term of the loan, doesn't lower the payments. Are you touring any other schools? That might sell you on FSI as much as anything you see here! It's a good school. You'll like it if you're serious. Let me know when you get here...

The uniform is made by "Edwards". You can buy it yourself if you want. They deliver the shirts your first day, but the pants take a week. I don't understand this, since they aren't custom fit or anything. I hope you aren't allergic to polyester!

Check out It's a white shirt with epaulets, gray pants. Don't buy anything until you see what you need.

Good luck...enjoy your tour!


PS--What day are you touring?

I'm going for my PPL checkride in 2 weeks with 83 hours, and since I can't go to FSI until december, I figure another 25-30 hours by then. A friend is about to start his instrument work, and is bugging me to finish my PPL to act as his safety pilot, so there's more time there too. I'll definitely ask about skipping the stage, but from what I hear elsewhere I can forget it. I was looking forward to all those flights in a way.

I'm signed up to stay in the FSI dorms Wed & Thurs night, then tour Thursday at 10am. I want to explore the area, finding apartments and where the women hang out.

I actually did a quickie tour last year, spent 30 minutes there on the way to the Melbourne airport to fly home. I liked it, but knew I couldn't go for a while. That time is coming.

I got my private last fall and had a little under 100hrs when I started the Private Audit February 4th. I’m sticking around through CFI, but then I’m headed home to build hours. If it works out time wise I may interview so I could have a FSI instructing job available in the future if need be.

I’m not sure that giving back the 5k will help all that much. I have not done the math. Im just figuring that I may waste it if I have it in reach.

I second Chunks comment about the Audit. Its free and it gets you up to speed with FSI and gives you a chance to sink into the school. It wont be terribly taxing if you have just finished your private, but it will make commercial seem pretty easy.

Have fun checking out the school. I have had no surprises since I started (the education has been as good or better than what marketing advertised). Keep in mind the course time lines they use are a bit long winded. You can cut a third of the time from the FSI time line without breaking a sweat, and you could cut it in half if you treated it like a job.
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Seem's like you, are already in. /ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif so when are starting?
After looking at all those flight schools in florida, the smartest thing I did is sign up to start september 30. /ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif

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