Totals for the year, 2020 edition!


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Thanks @mattc206! Google Earth to the rescue!

2020 So Far... 203.5 Hours, 30 Landings in 55 flights.

  • 18 More Legs to go. 58.2 Hours Block Scheduled. (So I should finish the year with around 265.)
  • Jan - 22.9, Feb. - 13.8, Mar - 16.3, Apr, May, June - A Goose Egg (Except the reset that was recurrent, 5 days on the road), Jul. - 17.3, Aug. - 0, Sept. - 10.5, Oct. - 74.4, Nov. - 29.3, Dec. - 58.2 (Scheduled, 9 days Caribbean Islands/3 days Domestic East Coast Shuttle)
  • I was displaced from being based at home & driving to work in November.
  • One interesting charter. (Women Professional Soccer)
  • A lot of random mechanical problems.
  • Chased and was chased by a hurricane one week.
  • And I ate a whole pizza on a 24 hour overnight stuck in a hotel.
  • Less than normal credit overall - usually I get a bunch of summertime overtime. Sold back rather than banked a bunch of PTO to supplement our 'reserve guarantee reduction' due to our Furlough Mitigation LOA.
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Arrived back from Lisbon on January 11 after 42 days

Cancelled Penang, Croatia, Belgrade, Berchtesgaden (2x), Berlin (3x)...

Hoping for a month in Berlin/Berchtesgaden at the end of March/April next spring (previous cancelled for my in-laws 75th/80th birthdays) then 6 months in Berlin next fall, so...

Maybe 5k miles. So sad.

I know there's been a lot of talk on other threads here about how crappy the job can be, but after looking at the flight "lines" of some of you all I'm envious.

Makes me want to start doing my ATL-DOH-BGW monthly flights again.
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145 hours. Only 66 of that in the work whip, lots of borrowing friends airplanes to fill in the rest thankfully. That is the least I have flown in a year since becoming a CFI - and also the first time I have not been instrument current in 11 years...
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