Total cost of flight ratings


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Whats the average in debtness from a ppl all the way to the last rating? I'm thinking about majoring in pro pilot at mtsu.


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$53,000 for me. From PPL to MEI CFII. Definately can be done cheaper, all depends on where you go.


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For my all my license up to CFI I think I paid maybe $30-35 thousand. Lucky for me I didn't have to pay for a loan. I had a good job and paid as I went.


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Obviously where you go is a huge factor, but also how many $100 dollar hamburgers you buy plays a big part. You need to build hours, but make sure you are getting something out of all that "horsing around." Sure grab the girl, the fam, a friend, or you and have some fun, but make sure you are learning. If you don't have to pull out a chart or AF/D for a 250 mile round trip flight, then you probably aren't getting anything out of it....

Learn in an old, quircky, CHEAPER, steam equipped'll enjoy it more, learn more, and save more money. If what XM station to listen to is the biggest decision on a x-country, then don't complain about debt. Read through the requirements in the FAR/AIM for whatever rating you are going for. You can usually kill two (occasionally even three) birds with one stone on one flight.

No matter where you go or what you fly....every flight is a learning experience. It's gonna be expensive. Period. But you can justify it.