Topical Skin Gels


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I recently started using a pair of topical skin gel/ointments on the reccomendation of my dermatologist. They required a perscription: DUAC (clendamycin & benozyl peroxide) and Differen (adapelen). Since they seem to really be helping my complexion, I would like to continue using them (and of course, acutane is out of the question). I'm 25 and am tired of waiting to "grow out of this". Am I required to disclose this on my next medical, and if so, will it cause me any problems? If it matters, I need to qualify for a class 1.

Thanks in advance.

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It appears to be OK since it is topical. Yes, you do have to report it on the next medical.

Class 1, 2, and 3 medication requirements are the same except for diabetes.