Took my college room mate up in the air today


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First time taking a friend up in a plane as PIC :). Ive been building most of my PIC solo, but taking a friend up is more fun :p.
It's more fun when you fly them to an interesting and relatively remote destination and "forget" to let them know when you're departing.

Bonus points if it's an island.
I've done the steep turn thing on two separate took it really well and actually enjoyed it! The other.....Im just glad I had a spare barf bag in the flight bag!! Flying with friends is always fun!
Steep turns and watch them squirm ;)

Spin "training" and watch them hurl :D.

My wife is begging me to take her up and spin her but we don't have parachutes and she is not a student. She has absolutely NO interest in learning to fly.