Too Many Vitamins/Supplements?


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Having a personal history of high cholesterol (it's well within limits right now) and a family history of heart disease (Grandparents - generally due to a lifetime of poor eating habits) I currently take the following:

Vitamins & Supplements:
C - 1000 mg
Omega 3 (Fish Oil) - 1200 mg
Red Yeast Rice - 1200 mg
Slo Niacin - 500 mg

"1 A Day" Men's Health Formula (multi-vitamin)

I generally take everything but the "1 A Day" in the morning after breakfast and save the multi for after my workout (generally take it after lunch).

Is that too much? Not enough? Just right?

Thanks in advance!



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When I first started taking fitness supplements I had blood/urine taken before and then about a month into taking things to see a baseline and whatnot.

Here is what I take:

fish oil

The only "irregularity" was my creatine levels and they were only slightly out of the "normal" range but that is to be expected since thats the point of taking it!

The only supplement I ever took with "issues" was an ECA (Ephedra/Caffeine/Asprin) Stack. I was shaking more than a W*ore in church!