Tomahawk Concerns


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I went and visited a local FBO in Texas this weekend in search a place to get my ppl and the school i liked most uses the tomahawk as its primary trainer but they have other types available. I took my discovery flight in a warrior and felt very comfortable in it even though it was bumpy as hell. I'm a big guy 6'2 205, should I have concerns or should I man up and fly the tomahawk?
Actually, I trained in both. The Tomahawk for primary and then did a few cross countries in the Warrior.

I do know, however that Tomahawks are fairly weight critical so unless you've got a fairly thin instructor, you may have some weight and balance issues with full tanks on dual cross countries or extended training flights.

The Tomahawk will most likely save you money, but if you've got the funds to 'upgrade' to the warrior for primary training, by all means go for it.

Both aircraft are extremely easy to fly and are very forgiving during stalls and manuevers. However, the warrior might be a little more comfortable for you and make it a little easier to train in because it may 'fit' better.

I'm a lumbering 5'9 so I pretty much fit in everything.
I'm 6'3, 225, and I had a hell of a time sitting in the T-hawk, or a 152 with anybody else in it. However, it can be done. Like Doug said, you just have to watch the weight/balance issues.
Smokey1 - hey - you and I are about the same height/weight (although I've got an inch on ya at 6'3").

I fly both the Warrior and the T-bird (Tomahawk). While I prefer the Warrior as it is a bit more stable - the Tomahawk works fine for me as well.

Doug is right, though - my instructor weighs in at 170-ish and we had to make sure that the fuel tanks were not full in order to do the checkout flight in the T-bird.

Good luck, and if you have any questions that I might be able to help you with regarding either, please drop me a line on PM (private message).

Hey guys thanks for your insight. Its people like you guys that make this the best aviation website.
The Tomahawk can be a very squirrly airplane. You might want to find something a little more comfortable and stable for your training; ie, a plane that you wouldn't have to do weight and balance for each time.